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Who Are We?

A little bit about who we are at the SAFARI Company, please click on a name for further info.


  • Chania PatersonManaging Director

    The Marketer - Chania is passionate about travelling and her motto in life is 'laughter is the best medicine'.

    Life in General - She was brought up on a tea estate in Kericho, Kenya's highlands. Though she lived in Kenya all her life, she went to school in Dorset and university in Cardiff, before moving back to Kenya in 1997.

    Life in Travel - Chania has worked in travel and tourism since 1995, she’s worked in lodges, hotels, wildlife documentary's and marketed just about any product that needed marketing ... until she tripped into her passion, marketing Kenya. Chania has represented numerous fabulous lodges including Shompole and Alfajiri, Cottars 1920’s and Manda Bay before developing fully informational visitors maps of Kenya and setting up her ultimate passion, The SAFARI Company.

    Contact Chania

  • Roger SylvesterNon Executive Director

    The Laughing Travel Agent – Roger’s advice is just don’t take anything too hard, laugh a lot and keep your friends close.

    Life in General – Roger was brought up in Kisii and went to school in Kericho and Nairobi.  Afterwards he went to college in Dundee and ended up as a croupier for a year before retuning to Kenya for my career in tourism.

    Life in Travel – In 1973 Roger joined Southern Cross Safaris. After a stint in Nairobi, he ventured out into the ‘bush’, where he lived on Ol Pejeta working for Adnan Kashaoggi for eight years, then Universal Safari Tours for five years, Block Hotels for six years and owned Bunson Travel Service until 2008.  It’s all been travel...and loved every  minute of it !!!

    Contact Roger

Safari Specialists

  • LilianTouring Department Head and Safari Specialist

    The Safari Guru - Lilian loves being able to help clients create memorable experiences. No two clients are exactly alike and everyone’s trips are unique.  She enjoys the excitement of speaking with clients visiting a place for the first time and is just as passionate about being able to help clients who have been to a region numerous times plan something different. Each time Lilian plans someone’s trip, she feel like she's a part of their experience.

    Life in General - Lilian was born and brought up in Mombasa before relocating to Nairobi for further studies in hotel and tourism operations.   

    Life in Travel - Having worked with hotels in Mombasa, Nairobi, Masai Mara and Fukuoka - JAPAN, Lilian gained extensive knowledge that made her understand more of the workings of the hospitality industry.  The experience she gained paved the way for her in the tourism industry making her rise quickly through the ranks to hold key senior positions.

    Contact Lilian

  • Anne ThyakaSafari Specialist

    The Voyager – Anne's main hobby is travelling and adventure. This pushes the passion in her to make a dream come true for another adventurer elsewhere by being able to organize unforgettable memories for them.

    Life in General – Anne was born and brought up in Machakos, the eastern part of Kenya, before going for Tourism and Hospitality studies in Eldoret. She later relocated to Nairobi.

    Life in Travel – Anne has worked with various tour operators who have different clientele with totally different ‘tastes’ of properties and destinations in East Africa. This has given her a broad knowledge of our Kenya’s “tourism product” and confidence in selling East Africa at large as a destination.

    Contact Anne

SAFARI Administration

Safari Accounts

SAFARI Consultants

  • annieOur Consultant in Dubai

    Your Specialist in Dubai - Anne loves to pass her enthusiasm for Africa onto others. Once you have lived in, or even just made a trip to Africa, its magic stays with you forever.

    Life in General - She was born and brought up in North Kenya on a cattle ranch, leaving for school and university in the UK and returning to Kenya in 1996. Anne moved to Dubai five years ago with her husband and three children, but heads back to Kenya as often as she possibly can.

    Life in Travel - With a degree in Travel and Tourism Management, Anne has worked in the business since 1996, firstly in sales and marketing for two safari companies in Kenya, before setting up and running her own small Tour Operating business from 2000 to 2005. She is very excited to be joining The SAFARI Company team in helping people organise trips of a lifetime to Africa.

    Contact Anne

  • Simon BallThe Ornithologist and Private Guide

    The Guide - With over 20 years field experience in East Africa, Simon has guided private safaris for many discerning clients to the wildest places either side of the equator.

    Life in Guiding - Having gained a Zoology/Ecology honours degree eons ago, from London University, he is now keen to share his passion for Africa's fauna and flora with guests who wish to be off the beaten track. Being a member of the Kenya Professional Safari Guides Association, being an avid birder & mammal behaviour specialist has enabled Simon to accompany all types of guests from private individuals and small family groups to specialists in their field.

    Contact Simon

  • debbieOur Consultant in South Africa

    About Debbie - Debbie is a born African!  A true African can never stay away for too long…there will always be a constant hunger to get back and feel the African soil between your toes, to smell the dust as the rain beats down on the rich soil!  It is her passion to share this beautiful continent with others. 

    Life in General  - Debbie was born and raised in South Africa.  Being married to an Engineer has had her living in almost every region of this beautiful country, from the Cape to Northern Natal.  She also spent six years living in Magadi, the lowest point of the Rift Valley in Kenya.  Debbie is currently living in Broederstroom at Hartbeespoort Dam, South Africa.

    Life in Travel - Debbie got involved with travel by default.  Being as passionate as she is about Africa, Debbie has constantly found herself ferrying tourists around.  Through this, she found her true passion.  Debbie is thrilled to be joining The SAFARI Company team and being able to offer her clients so much more than before!

    Contact Debbie

  • linda-allenYour resident safari addict in Kenya

    Mother and organiser of a safari mad family

    Life In General - Linda was born and brought up in Western Kenya and has lived here all her life, she is a second generation Kenyan.  She completed her studies in South Africa and then went to Art College in England.

    Life In Travel - Linda has a family who have always been mad on safaris – so she spent much of her early life in a tent … somewhere!  She has a son who is an avid butterfly collector so has travelled throughout Kenya, to many ‘out of the way’ places.  Linda is looking forward to introducing others to this wonderful country!

    Contact Linda

  • lise-daviesOur girl in South of France 

    Mother of 4 who loves a challenge – With only two living at home still, one currently in Canada and one in China. 

    Life in General – Lise loves a challenge. With her husband they have had a country house hotel with 2 restaurants in the UK,  they have renovated a large property in the South of France and still run it as an exclusive hotel / B&B. Lise is British, but born and raised in Borneo she has lived in Malaysia - UK - Switzerland - Caribbean - Bangkok and currently the south of France.

    Life in Travel – Lise loves to travel, to see new places, to try new food, to meet all kinds of people and experience lots of different things. She would love you to experience the Africa she loves.

    Contact Lise

  • helenaOur Scandinavian Consultant

    Your Scandinavian Specialist - let the Scandahooligans loose!

    Life in General - Helena is originally Swedish but she has lived in Africa for over 30 years, 26 of those in Kenya, which she loves! She loves dealing with the social marketing of Kenya in Sweden when she visits that land of the Midnight Sun, her birthplace.  Every year when she returns to her roots, people always ask her about life in Kenya. She is now determined to convince them to come out and see for themselves!

    Before getting married to Brian, a veterinarian, she actually studied marketing at Uppsala University, and then went on to specialise in human nutrition. The couple now enjoys an active semi-retirement lifestyle on the heights above Gilgil (in the Great Rift Valley). This now includes persuading fellow frozen countrymen to come down and explore Kenya!

    Contact Helena


  • michaelaOur Consultant in Los Angeles
    About Michaela - Michaela is third generation born in Kenya, but now lives in LA with her family.

    Life in General - Michaela lived in Kiambu, on the edge of Nairobi where her great grandparents were coffee farmers, and her grandparents and parents were in business.  Her family left Kenya in 1983, and then lived in Australia, Paris, Muscat, Dubai, London and now Los Angeles.  Michaela is married to a well-travelled movie exec Brit with 2 boys - so she is a part time worker with a couple of longer leaves of absence during the year (= school holidays). Michaela and her family visit Kenya regularly for the perfect relaxing beach and breathtaking safari holiday, although she'd always love it to be more often.

    Life in Travel - Michaela studied economics at university in Australia but has worked in marketing ever since, with a focus on digital; website management and all it entails.  Michaela now enjoys working in travel, as being so far away from Kenya, it gives her an excuse to talk about her birthplace.

    Contact Michaela

  • jackie-smithOur Kenyan Consultant in Nanyuki, Kenya
    About Jackie -Jackie very happily lives in the heart of one of the most beautiful parts of Kenya, in the shadow of Mt Kenya.

    Life in General - Jackie was raised and schooled in Kenya and, together with her South African husband, Rob, has lived and worked in Nairobi, Mombasa, Arusha, Dar es Salaam and as joint managers on a farm in the Great Rift Valley near Naivasha.  They have now settled in Nanyuki and plan to stay put here.

    Life in Travel - One of Jackie's earliest memories is the journey her family took by bus from East to North Africa!  Her love of travel and adventure started then and has never ended.  She has been to North, West and South Africa as well as to parts of Europe, America, and the Caribbean. Rob and Jackie are passionate about the bush, the beaches, the wildlife and the spectacular scenery of East and Southern Africa and will delight in sharing this with you, through The SAFARI Company.

    Contact Jackie
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“A journey is best measured in friends, rather than miles.” - Tim Cahill