Safaris for your family, designed by our family.

Safaris for your family, designed by our family.

Safaris for your family, designed by our family.

Safaris for your family, designed by our family.

About Us

Started by Chania, mum to Billy and Zia, and avid traveller, The SAFARI Company is all about tailoring your African experience to suit your family. 

We have put in the miles to find some of Africa’s best off-the-beaten-track destinations, and we pride ourselves on an intimate knowledge of how each safari in our portfolio matches the needs of different families. We don’t just book holidays; we craft an adventure that will give you a lifetime of memories.

Sustainable is our middle name, and when we visit camps and lodges, we take the time to understand what they do to support both the environment and the community. We believe in being a business for good, and ensuring your safari in Africa has a positive impact.

Whether it’s wanting to see your family gasp with joy at the sight of a stotting gazelle, or take part in a jumping contest with the local Maasai; perhaps it’s something as simple as staying on a bush farm where your kids can collect eggs in the morning, or getting a gaggle of teenagers more interested in the gait of a camel than the latest post on social media, we’ve got you covered.

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We are in love with local community-run initiatives like Karisia Walking & Camel Safaris. These unique excursions offer a new and adventurous approach to the family holiday and promise magical experiences for guests young and old.



We specialize in curating the most luxurious safaris in Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda and Southern Africa, and we would love to let you in on the secret hidden gems that are far from the typical tourist trail. Our ultra-luxury safari itineraries are indulgent and elegant adventures which suit couples or multi-generational families on a bigger budget.



Tanzania’s private Mnemba Island offers families, groups of friends or honeymooners exquisite memories that will last a lifetime. Snorkel, explore, relax under sail or learn to kite surf on this magical coastline.

Our Adventurists


Founder, Mum of two and always on the go! A lover of off-the-beaten track and finding hidden gems for families.

Sherrie & Anne

Heading the UK office, Sherrie (and Anne) are totally in tune with the expectations of the international markets and the most demanding clientele, and are always at the end of the phone for advice and a friendly chat.


Nothing is too much for Cynthia, she’s friendly, fun & enormously efficient! For her, there is nothing better than stepping out of the airplane to a great Kenyan smile and then going on safari in gorgeous places alongside amazing people.

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