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We are family safari specialists and promise to craft incredible adventures that will be cherished by all.

Sculpting with termite clay, fishing with hand lines, tracking wildlife by bike… what’s on your bucket list? And just as important: what do your children get a buzz from?
These are the questions we’re going to ask you so that we can design a safari that helps you connect as a family. We want to know what you do on the weekends, and what you expect from a safari in Africa, so that we can help you experience life in a way that will leave the axis of your world just slightly transformed. What was the last thing that made you, as a family, collectively gasp in excitement? We want to know this so that we can help you discover the wonder of the planet and re-discover one another in a new light.

Our team have children aged 2 – 18, and we consider ourselves to be experts in knowing what families need from holidays. We’ve tested all our destinations, with our little (and big) ones in tow, and will design itineraries that give you the rare joy of spending time together in the most unique setting. Ensuring that there are just enough activities lined up so that everyone is entertained but not exhausted, we work with you to tailor a safari to exactly what you need.

Our Favourite Family Adventures

A Luxurious Week on a 5 Star Safari & Beach for a grown-up family of 4

Spend a week exploring the two top wilderness areas in Kenya, this magnificent safari starts in the capital city of Nairobi,

The Ultimate 5 star 11-day safari & beach

This luxurious family safari includes prime game viewing on Lewa Wildlife Conservancy with your own exclusive and open vehicle whilst staying at Sirikoi,

Take the Grandparents to Historical Kenya

Spend 11 nights exploring some of Kenya’s historic areas. This adventure includes exploring Nairobi, maybe you will visit the Karen Blixen Museum or Daphne Sheldrick’s Elephant Orphanage.

Exceptional 6 star Kenyan Family Safari & Beach

An exceptional family safari experience that takes you up to the wildlife-rich plains of Borana Conservancy where you can see all of the Big Five as well as a wide variety of endangered species

Magnificent 6 star Family Safari and Beach

The creme-de-la-creme of all safari experiences, taking you from the wildlife-rich plains and then down to the Swahili coast, this multi-generational family

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